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>> attacking the storm as it moves across the bay area you are looking at live imaging from storm tracker 4. in a look at ahead at today's forecast as the ground we will talk with erica about that. mike pelton is out in the east bay and concord giving us in his review of what it's like for people of their waking
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up and heading out. >> a cup of coffee is how many out here are choosing to combat the cold in the east bay in concord. the good news is the rain has stopped in the sun has come out and it looks like a nice good morning so far. you may have heard the rain and hail that hit the bay area over night and that left us with a cold day of mourning. a lot of people out here wearing jackets and sweat shirts. the change in weather has had some feeling like winter is finally here. >> true it is cold its wet and this is what we're used to northern california. >> i've put on extra layers to day and lots of hot coffee. we had our indian summer and that's over. >> one of the most obvious signs of the winter season is no. there is a small chance of snow in elevations down to about 3,000 ft..
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places like mum diablo may see a light dusting of slow later today -- snow. for those of you that have not left the house grabbing a coat or jacket may be a good idea. >> we see pictures coming in with the ski resorts expected to open the next couple of weeks. >> we will get to the snow in a minute. it looked it feels like it's no because it's so cold out there. >> they is snowing out their daria. there is a dusting of light snow. >> i thought it was just me thinking it was cold. >> know it's actually snowing. take a look at these numbers is almost freezing for santa rosa 34 degrees. 36 were not know and we can actually hit the freezing mark overnight because we lose the cloud cover that keeps us
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insulated. clear conditions will prove have chilly nights for the next couple of nights. 38 out the door in fairfield 45 in fremont and as you take out the satellite and radar we see the blue and purple on your screen which does indicate snow in the sierra. i just checked with caltrans train control and is currently in effect for 88 and 4. a majority of the morning rain has pushed out of the bay area. we did have a couple of lingering trains. it all wrad around an impact the bay area later on this evening. if you have plans keep an umbrella handy. temperatures will drop into the 40's as well. we have the chance for a thunderstorm especially around the ocean waters and the coastline. small hail could be produced. cool and cloudy conditions into the weekend and it will reach up to the '50s. looking ahead
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we will continue to need our sweaters and we have the potential for more wet weather next week. how lofty to the full details on your kron47 there on the bay forecast coming up shortly. seven 03 a.m. and on to george with traffic. >> the san mateo bridge is this still looking a pretty normal drive times. this is not increased about 11 minutes and that is really good news. the next two hours to tell the tale here for the san mateo bridge. the quick commute check shows like conditions for us to the bay area. minor traffic for the east bay ride. south bay freeway's fast a much lighter than usual in the light and easy ride on the peninsula as north bay freeways. >> hundreds of people are braving the cold weather in overnight rain for a chance to get a holiday meals and christmas stories. will tran is at stake are community service and refer to show less of people out there and
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what kind of help they are getting. >> a lot of families and of course all of us it would not be a holiday season without obviously thanksgiving and christmas if you have kids will be as hard braking without noise. these families know what all too well which is why they were here as early as 11:00 a.m. yesterday. at about 25 as they will be able to sign up. we're at the beginning of the line we saw the back of the line and we move the camera over this way we can say how rocks around the corner. that is just a little slice of how many people are here. we're talking approximately 300 to 350 families. the number continues to grow. that's what to the front line or even near just to see if we can talk to some of these people here. excuse me ma'am attended you get here? >> 4:00 p.m. >> we're talking about 15 hours. it has been raining
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overnight and obviously very cold. why was it so important to you. >> because right now we run a tight budget and i've been doing this for about three years. they have bought a great deal of gas for five we have five kids and a turkey dinner the we sign up today. we have been on a tight budget my husband was not working for two years. >> three years ago did you think you would be here? hoping things would turn around here? >> yes i hope that things are coming up. it helps all lot. >> it helps a lot indeed. people have waited here for so long quiescent high school kids passing outsider and coffee. they are almost there and what they're doing is putting their name on the less for registration and come back in about a week and a half or so did their thanksgiving meal. all
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together and we're talking about 7000 units given all for that is getting as was christmas. toys about 16,500 toys. if you want to donate you come down to for street and give a donation. they are trying to get out as much as they possibly can to the needy families. >> school is closed at st. thomas more school in san jose after the early morning fire. there is some of the damage in this video. a fire broke out about 1:00 a.m. and it was put out frequently. the fire did not much cause cause much damage but it was the sprinklers and did odd number. there is a lot of books and the school that had water damage as a result. the cause the fire is still under investigation but there's no school today. >> the bleeding may have stopped on wall street. u.s. wholesalers boosted their stockpiles by one palo% in september. sales jumped 2%. the dow was down hundred and
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21 and down 313 on wednesday. the dow was down just 9 1/2. this city at 12,801. if everyone is waiting to hear from the president talking about the upcoming fiscal cliff at the end of the year that has been shaking wall street of the last couple of days. we will stay on the air past 10:00 and bring you the president's address live here on the kron4 morning news before we join dr. phil and progress after that. we expect a statement from president obama just after 10:00. we'll have more kron4 news continues.
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>> 710 a m and 401k balances are hitting record highs. companies are ramping up their contributions. the average 401k balance climbed to $7,000 according to financial investments around the country. this is the highest level the firm has seen since it began collecting this data 12 years ago. the increase is the combination of this the stock market employee contributions and employer matching. >> when it is time to graduate is time to graduate board and get out or we will find new. students that have the credits to graduate should graduate but dull. they concede it's a class is. the plan will be to charge of
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the seniors the same unit for an out-of-state residents for every year past their required to graduate. there also charging a fee if they are required to retake a course. is about streamlining the system and improving access the class is for all students to keep them moving into new loans and. the passage of proposition 30 has also prevented massive mir cuts to drive the state. students at uc berkeley are demanding more than just the status quo. several hundred of the rally on campus yesterday following the passage of prop. 3 calling for the money is to decrease tuition and roll back some of the budget cuts. route 30 increase funding to education for about $8 billion. when it goes into a general fund and is not necessarily earmarked for education. people are buying for are the the right to use it. >> erica said even if it is
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cleared out in your neighborhood we could see a little bit more later on tonight. right now in san francisco all is clear, we will be right back.
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>> 7:15 a.m. and we're taking it live to storm tracker 4. a lot of the rain has pushed out of our area
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but the roadways are still a little damp out there. it is a cold one to boot. we will continue with the drying trend into the afternoon and we will actually see some sunshine. it will be mixed in with clause of course but we are tracking the back end of the system. we have some rain right now in eureka that will continue to wrap around and hit the bay area later on tonight. future task force set up for the 6:00 hour and we have some light rain sitting off shore. as we had 8:00 tonight we will see some light rain for the south 8 lower peninsula and concealed the chance for is scattered pop-up shower as we head into the overnight hours. for we are also checking the possibility of a pop-up thunderstorm. there's a lot of instability in the atmosphere especially with the warm coastal waters. i run because we will see popov thunderstorms with small hail and gusty conditions picking up. if you have any pictures of that you can always e-mail us at breaking news at as a cold morning
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right now and we're moving closer to morning lows. santa rosa and recently dropped to 34 degrees, 36 delay how cold conditions far north bay valleys. on the left as you head outside the door. send details at 45 and hayward is at 44. temperatures will not claim that much in the afternoon we will concur we will continue to cool with winter like weather. 58 and antioch 58 in redwood city and for those of you heading to the cal game tomorrow against oregon it looks to be a dry one. kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. with relatively clear conditions and it will be a cold one with a temperatures and the low 50s. so they could get into the lower '40's for out the course of the games so suddenly bundle up. winds could be up to 7 mi. an hour. 7 day around the bay forecast shows the forecastle be on the chilly side in the next couple of
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nights. and the potential for some frost exist and it looks like mostly sunny conditions sunday and monday. a lot of people have the day off for veterans day. tuesday wednesday tracking another system that can bring a 30% pakistan chance of showers. low fifties for a london-based by the upper 50s for the coast. >> the hot spots and no doubt. a look of the bay bridge westbound there's no back up here is a breeze blows commute as you head to the bay bridge. it was backed up the west grant avenue but no longer. just love from the first over crossing that you heads into the plaza to the san mateo bridge the speeds are still a liven lillo slowly with 11 minutes drive time. we golden gate bridge ride choses to agree to move trip from marin county. the
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volume of over the last couple of days seems to be higher in the earlier hours. the east shore freeway drive times are still holding under 21 minutes. that is a pretty easy ride for 80 westbound. 680 is getting slow and there was a report of an accident near the pleasant hill road off ramp and that could be contributing to some delays. in the south bay we're picking up more heavy traffic for 1 01 northbound but the drive times were still 21 to 23 minutes. we're looking a slowing for 280 northbound is confined to a 17 interchange. (ride is closer to 31 minutes from the bottle as you head south to the golden gate bridge. >> i'm are eating offers to buy a bus to get back to oregon. the live pictures coming in and out of atlanta this morning this is a funeral procession for a police officer. there were two police officers or
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flying a police helicopter on sunday searching for a nine year old boy. the helicopter lost control and crashed killing both of the officers. they're trying to figure out what happened there say the investigation could take up to a year. for the night drawboy there were searching for in northwest atlanta was later found safe. >> we're calling the latest out of mountain view our police are expected to make more arrests after finding a drug lab at to the apartment complexes. they teamed up with this lot and other agencies. they found her when methamphetamine and marijuana and weapons at four separate apartments near the west street. they also discovered the first lab in the bay area that was used to make and newhall is a minute drug called be empty. we have not heard much about it but it has been growing in popularity. another drug busts police search of haul in the right in their rally of santa
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cruz. police seized more than 500 lbs. of marijuana and 200 lbs. of cocaine. they arrested one person for an outstanding warrant and took to others for sale and possession of narcotics. >>. investigators have released this composite sketch of a man who tried to kidnap a 14 year-old girl in oakland. take a look at this man. this is his description a white man with had long hair they're looking for him. the gross says that she was approached from behind monday after the while walking on the 1400 block of 100 ave in oakland. a man grabbed her and tried to pull her into a waiting truck and she managed to struggle and get away. >> here is a suspect described by a 14 year-old victim. we have a white male to is tall and thin he has blond hair about shoulder length wearing a baseball hat. >> that is a sketch that we
7:22 am
do have. at least not have us-of the driver of the truck. the second man is described as a white man late mid to late 20s talal hundred and 40 lbs. of goatee and short brown spiked hair. fabled throw off in a newer model dodge ram pickup truck. >> of investigators and walnut creek looking for a mcmann the tried to abduct a woman. she was walking to the parking lot to her car with the two men attacked. >> they accosted her and forced her into her own vehicle where they blindfolded her and tied her feet in her hands. they drove around for what we think is several hours attempted to obtain money from her bank accounts. >> please think the suspect stop at a different atms
7:23 am
forcing her to take out money at each one. they even solenodon ago and oakland hoses and someone found her and let and called line and won one. she was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. >> let's get a live look outside the golden gate bridge. the cars in the lead to fall here on the golden gate bridge traffic is moving ok. what you cannot see as how cold increase it is out there. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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>> 729 a l and seven members of the secret navy seal team 6 including one that was in the mission to kill osama bin lot have been punished for disclosing classified information. they have been reprimanded in will have to pay docked for two months. this reportedly happened on are working on as consultants of a game that is entitled medal of honor for war fighters. the navy issued a statement saying " we do not tolerate deviations from the policies that govern who we are and what we do as sailors in the united states navy or. four other seals are under investigation. >> index closed at one of the canadian provinces and quebec it happened
7:27 am
yesterday in sherbrooke or more than a dozen people were and in hospital now. for are in critical condition. the plan is called neptunian it is a plant that produces crude oil that is used in health supplements. >> a man was found dead near mount rainier national park after a truck that he was enrolled 25 times out is the pill. you could see how it ended up as rescue crews cleaned up. the whether the amendment on wednesday and once he got out he hiked to a nearby town. he called 91 london search teams look back and found the truck. they also found the body of his 23 year-old friend. cruzes say it it looks like he managed to get out of that vehicle lot for some distance before he finally collapsed and died from his
7:28 am
injuries. 728 >> 727 a m and in spirit as a loo we are not done quite with is whether yet. we will be right back.
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>> the big news is we're winning air from the president he is expected to speak at 10:00 this morning regarding the fiscal clef. a big concern are wall street and that nothing would be done to stop that fiscal
7:31 am
clef. -- claiff. we will be on the air with extended coverage to bring you the president's address. stay with us with an important message from the president coming up at 10 this morning in regards to the fiscal cliff. >> the time is 731 and we want to get a look at the weather. we have been to the weather and rain in our cold. >> we have not seen temperatures as low since last rain. do not be surprised if we encounter some '30's as we step outside the door. it is a gorgeous morning as we take a look at our mt. tam cam. satellite and radar shows it is currently snowing in the sierra but a lot of that rain has rotated to our south into our east. it could be impacted on the
7:32 am
back in with light rain in eureka. does it take a look at those temperatures 34 in santa rosa 37 in about 45 for downtown san francisco and 364 vallejo i will show you are these numbers are expected to go and where the rate is expected tonight in my next report. >> upgrade ride at the bay bridge toll plaza for a quick commute check. . drive times are about 16 minutes for the west of ride. even out of the macarthur maze. but the east bay moderate conditions with heavier traffic on 88680. a u.s. still looks good. it lights and watwe can expect light trafc through the north bay. stock >> is we have video from the livermore area by the parent of outlet. it drew huge crowds and you can see
7:33 am
traffic backing up for miles. not in the stores but on the freeway just tried to get into the parking lot. the jackie sissel is out live standing by at what has been completed just in time for the it holiday season the new outlet mall. >> we talked about it earlier people standing and waiting in line and their cars just to get out here and spend that money. there is video yesterday was the opening day of the paragon outlet mall. there are a hundred and 30 stores and all and live in livermore but its services be and tired tri-city area. they hope to service the entire bay area. it's a hundred and $50 million for the new stores and 540,000 square feet of retail therapy for everyone who has that post- election lives. flu come out here and spend the money. they're hoping it will
7:34 am
generate 2000 full-time jobs which is great for the economy anywhere. even more in the seasonal and job front popping route that this is a first outlet mall that has been open and four california in 11 gear years. >> my daughters are looking for the coming to them all the of the market on the calendar. >> i love that i come back all the time of my friends. and not let key brands i really like their jeans and i will come back here and buy them then to go to the regular store. >> the city of livermore plunged pitch and $30 million for interest its infrastructure support. it will be between $68 million the year to bring in revenue which would be great. it opens at 10:00 this morning but the good news is it will stay open until midnight tonight and tomorrow night.
7:35 am
>> with the economy in the way it is an evil struggling with the they are it was certainly a roll the dice of if you build it they will come. >> we're talking bloomingdale's and saks fifth avenue our money. people are saying they're hoping the people from seven cisco and tourists to come out and take glass buses and do their shopping out here. -- san francisco >> the there's a lot of criminal activity instead of for a cisco the last month that we want to call your attention to. more than 40 arrests have been made for weapons violations and dozens of fire and seven taken off the street. some of the weapons used their ak-47s at 100 from a round of magazine for a mac 11 submachine gun. >> these are guns that would be used on the street and
7:36 am
could potentially lead to higher increase in homicides. we were able to apprehend a suspect and take the guns off the street so as i've easily reduce some of the crime in our city. >> to of those taken off the street were carried by people at the giants parade. most of the guns that were confiscated were taken from the mission district. police crackdown that district in particular because of the string of islands in that area. >> if he needed the example of how israel and the campaign season that has been. he got a little choked upper thanking his campaign aides after the election or heat gun. he got a little choked up before the election lenya's thinking volunteers but syria's the second time around saying things use all those people who have tended to set term. >> i felt of the word that i
7:37 am
done in running for office had come full circle. because when you guys with the word that i was doing was important. a very proud of all of the of. (cheers & applause) to >> and today the press and is said to deliver his first official statement since his victory. he will talk to the about the economy and we will go live coverage of it. here is expected to speak at 10 05 this morning. 737 >> 737 a m in the san mateo bridge has lots of sunshine and we will be back in a moment.
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>> colorado democrats have the first openly gay house speaker in that state's history. there currently to openly gay house speaker's in the state legislatures in the country. the appointment is particularly notable because colorado's ban gay marriage six years ago and can't banned from the sodalities from protecting the administration of years ago. the plan was approved this week by city's health commission and will create a program to treat transgendered people experiencing a gender identity issues appeared. it will provide sexaul reassignment surgery under their plans program.
7:42 am
>> mistake a live look outside at the approach of the bay bridge. it looks pretty good. that's why markets taking a bus back to oregon. we will talk to gary radnich to the next few minutes and talk about both cal and stanford facing oregon teams.
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and the disaster averted moments ago. there was traffic on the bridge in an accident that has already been cleared from the westbound lanes just west of the toll plaza. it blocks the left-hande roadway and a leader not the drive times are still under 15 minutes. this is a san mateo bridge. we remain hopeful of the construction delays and we have seen the last many weeks have made me finally clearing out here. certainly in the next hour and a half if things do not go above the 22 minutes drive time we man finally past that hurdle. that and is now that even with the accident things are quickly returning to normal here. there's also some slow traffic on the nimitz freeway 80 northbound. alone stall around high street managed to slow the ride from davis and northbound direction. the bay bridge westbound light with no
7:46 am
backup to speak of the just a little slowly on your approaches will plaza. the ride to the golden gate bridge ride knows very light not only at the bridge but through 1 01 through marin county. 7:46 a.m. let's head to the weather center even a day for america. >> it is nice to see that the road is trying out for the morning commute. we have some rain earlier this morning but no trace of that anymore. here's our roof cam and down from the town san francisco the rain has continued to move south into our east. is still snowing up in the sierra as well. piquancy the wraparound in the system is rotating in picking up light rain just offshore from eureka. this will continue the span and continue to move its way south. . we anticipate some more grain credits later on this evening. the first
7:47 am
thing people notice out the door is that it is cold out there. we have not been called for quite some time. santa rosa 3238 in fairfield. feature cast for shows '50s and year after in high is with a mix of sun and clouds and as we head into the evening hours there is a potential for more wet weather on the way. also a chance of popping a thunderstorm. temperatures will drop into the 40's and '50's as a tracker highs 55 for naso 7 cisco 58 over it they're filled 58 and pleasanton. but winter weather advisory in sierra until 4:00 p.m. today with two to 4 in. of snow expected above 7,000 ft.. if you're headed in that direction bring your chains. 7 day around the bay forecast rise conditions into the weekend.
7:48 am
>> it is and all are gone weekend in the bay area. >> i was just going to say that. >> you are you of the ducks in beavers on your mind? >> i'm still fascinated what by car and light on the kids will go there? the old joke is it's now nike university. if you are california can un sou u.s. c r get me to use c l a. stanford and of course there is on the schools are popular now in oregon. >> if you look in the beavers' vs part of a sabres a stamford status of the rankings. flabby a better game than the things the doctor discovered kalikowwhy dos
7:49 am
are going to kill cal? >> cal may have what i say quit it's not the they don't care but their confidence is shot. that would be a major upset >> yet all of these calls for a late kipper to fire his own father. is it his fault? >> for people who do not know the usc coach who was the raiders' coach for five minutes his father is a defensive coordinator. >> he is a legend and he is supposed to fire his own dad? the >> you can make the case that he should have hired him to begin with. that is
7:50 am
for in my opinion somebody has been a coach for 15 years and a place. if i wanted to hire my late father acrons to do weekends i could do it because i've been here so long. winning of a lot of the land you could build up equity in the place. but to get the job and hired an immediately and things don't go right no one has any sympathy. >> i don't know how they did that. usually it's the father that hires the sun but i don't know how to deal with this situation. >> if you been there awhile and build up their relationships been using your data there and everyone says far in. but right off the bat is like everything else if you when it doesn't matter what you do the better when. fan and they
7:51 am
were winning they will be called the dream team >> we have the 49ers' playing this weekend against rams. i saw one thing on line where st 040 letters to show up in your when. >> just show up? there's a god of the couch and the data sharing his studio apartment with one other guy in the computer. it fascinates me and you can release look at me and say and what the hell does he know. most of these guys you here and joey jones and
7:52 am
leave later for the bus to come. there is too much media now. you have to try and i just to as credible and who is not carriet. they say somebody said this is somebody said that in the you find out of this just a guy that is taking a guess. >> that's the way it goes. >> will you answer me one question? it has nothing to do with money it lent light beat your lives ca're a nice kiu just have other things on your mind logging and ripping other people in the
7:53 am
middle of the night. the you know anyone that does that? >> i do not like that whole thing. >> especially younger people you're trying to find your way that kind of stuff. does it all everybody loves to tweets and log and i'm just wondering i love who has the time to do it. >> i totally agree with you i don't have the time. >> a specially made year younger >> i think it could be an age thing. it is a way to throw dagger's i think from a distance in behind a shield. >> no one harasses and people more than me. but my thing is at least you know who's saying it and you know you are all that stuff. >> i know what you're saying >> i argue with people as a
7:54 am
data do it so much fun in this inapposite. i guess i'm on sorry kids they can't dad can't talk with you tonight. >> if you are blocking or tweedy and i would not read it. does that make you feel better now? >> was youtube log and sweet but i don't read it. >> i love you dare we will be right back. there's a place, a dark place, we go.
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an uncharacteristically negative place for such a positive company... place... we go... when we describe our yogurt. tillamook yogurt has no high fructose corn syrup. no artificial sweeteners. no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. that's no, no, no and... no. of course, sometimes no is a good thing. >> following the weather we have conditions that are slowly trying which is nice. the clouds into part is a great shot through golden gate bridge looking toward center rows of. it is called 37 but it is trying was 55 a year high. we'll be back in just a love it with your weather and traffic.
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>>what would you do for your
8:00 am
family and your kids? >>most of them stated that weight and the cold and rain. coming up i will tell you about it. >>the president is said to address the economy and this is his first major remarks as he made reelection. >>let's take a live look at the bridges. the golden gate bridges on the left and the approach to the bay bridge in the middle and the 7 tel bridges to the right. >>has not been disco for quite some time in the bay area. less at a another shot spirit you can see some clouds are in the distance. it is just a chilly start to the day. santa rosa is coming in at 37 degrees. it
8:01 am
is 39 degrees for napa and a bottle.. allied radar showswe ag snowfall for the sierra. keep your eyes here there are light rain showers passing through. this will continue to rotate and will approach the bay area. we will meet our umbrellas for later on tonight. i will walk you through the timing coming up in just a bit. >>despite lighter than normal traffic for the bay area where still attracting hot spots. there was a symbol stall that manage to back up the traffic. it is still slow from san leandro to about if 21 minutes from to 30 of tonight. and their
8:02 am
problems for one of the bridges not the san mateo bridge but the dumbarton bridge. there was an accident was bound and it is slowing the ride down. this may start to mthis has been clee road shoulder. >>it does not show you how cold it is. >>might joins us to take a look at how people are dealing with the cold weather. >>this is a copy sho and this cp excess a hot spot this morning. the rain has stopped and the sun has, and it looks like a nice morning so far. you may have heard rain that hit overnight and this has left us with a cool
8:03 am
damp morning. people are wearing jackets and sweatshirt's is to get their morning started. some of their stated that the warm weather had in this some point. >>it is the middle of november what do you expect their elected new york that is cold. >> am warm i'm walking down the street drinking my coffee. >>one of the most obvious signs of winter is no and there are some chances for getting snow elevations. this means that mt. diablo may see a dusting of snow. what does it this will take place and if you are still of the house this morning you probably need to grab a jacket because is it a lot
8:04 am
cooler. >>on the sign of the economic times their hundreds of bay area families that have been a standout in the cold. and they're standing outside so they can get holiday meals and toys. >>a couple of minutes ago they opened the doors and their ally cuba: register for a thanksgiving and christmas meal. they can also register for their children to receive three toys each. the first person ally stated that got here in lion yesterday marty at 11:00 a.m.. this line stretches all the way the rumba corner and it goes around the next corner and then down a road to monterey. you're talking about about 300 families and you can come out and register b before 6:00 p.m..
8:05 am
>>are you blown away by the need in the area? >>certainly twice as much. we plan a lot of people coming in to get food and toys. what really surprises me is how early it the first person was here in line. as much as we told her to go home she decided she wanted to stay. what does not surprise me is that the number that we know of poverty in the area. even though we believe the economy is getting better there is still poverty in the area. >>can someone watching at home still come down to build a? >>yes. i have for turkey's that were delivered and people can go shopping and
8:06 am
bring in what they would like to bring gang. we believe that we will make it. we have been doing this for 48 years and we have never turned anyone away. this involves the entire committee taking care of their neighbors. >>that will give away approximately 7000 dinners for prince given and christmas. you can come back in about a week to week and have to come back to pitcher dennis. anyone under the age of 18 can get their hands on age appropriate >>a school was closed due to a fire that happened about 1:00 a.m. this morning. this damage the books and other school items. the fire is under investigation but there is no school there
8:07 am
today. >>president obama will address america for the first time after he was redirected. democratic and republicans are waiting to hear what it has to say about the approaching fiscal cliff. he needs to work out some type of deal with congress so the taxes do not go up. president obama has been pushing for a plan that would mean higher taxes for upper end,. his speech is set for 10 05 a.m.. >>we opened up with the dow down but now they're up by 32. we will be right jack as kron 4 continues.
8:08 am
8:09 am
[ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. so call now to get at&t u-verse
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high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. that includes access on-the-go to our entire national wi-fi hot spot network, with over 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >>a mass of a warehouse fire that we were tracking this morning this started about 3:30 a.m. and it has aggressive side. it also has still to cartridges. the fire is now under control and no one was injured. this building is a total loss. >>chrysler is recalling more
8:11 am
than 900,000 deep as you geezer, were. the airbag could inflate while people are driving. this recall affects the jeep grand cherokees from 2002 through the 04 model year. and she'd liberties from 2002 and 2003. a part can fail and the front and side airbags can inflate what you are actually driving. there have been a crash as reported at this point the company will start notify owners of this recall in january. >>let's take a live look at our cam where it is beautiful and sunday. it is just cold outside. we are going to get a high of 57 degrees. what appears on the surface
8:12 am
to be an understated example of unequaled american achievement, is actually an extremely sophisticated apparatus of goodness and flavor, bonded together by a perfectly aged, all natural, tasty... gooey... blanket of love.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>>let's start with the issue. >>anybody can smoke if they want to and this is a huge above. what happens if it is federally illegal. that
8:15 am
answe spitz is that the f the answer is that the feds can come after you. is this a good way to enforce laws? >>no wish to have consistent loss. democracy is, the message. one of the things we should talk about is the consequences of making marijuana illegally legal. there really ugly undersize with so many americans using this. this is a smart way to regulating and taxing. this is what is on to start to happen. >>and carl roy has been a big business approach. they're working with police and politicians. colorado was one of the first lead enforcements and carl reiner. you have cameras on
8:16 am
these grow worse. if you grow this locally that only adults can purchase it. rather than being a tester showdown it will be a test of a model for other states. >>emphasis on all the of 23 e elected president obama. think about trying to shut down every place and caught a row. this will tie up resources. >>the obama of ministrations that as it will not defend this anymore. they have legalize same-sex marriages. this has been a perfect losing streak. every state that did have it on the ballot at one point were losing it. now it has been a three to three win. we have to treks. we have the
8:17 am
courts and may be the supreme court will grant the right. we're seeing the beginning what will happen with democracy changes. this is a huge development. >>what have you heard about california with proposition 8? >>the question is the courts could just back up and say that the ballot box should do it. >>you said that the tide has changed on the death penalty. this measure did not pass. >>i always look depots the state that 65 percent of californians are against it. would you consider the cost. this time 48 percent of californians said the let's go with it. two percent more
8:18 am
in theand the duff pencil to it the death penalty would have ended. there has been over $400 billion on this. people are falling same that all the stuff cost us money should we be smarter with our money. >>we have now had any execution here in a while. it has been seven years and they stated that it will be wrapped up next here and there are 13 inmates who have exhausted all their legal challenges. do you think we will see a slew of executions here? >>i do not think so. and california you mentioned that 700 people were waiting to be executed. scott peterson will not seek the death penalty for about a
8:19 am
few years. a lot of lawyers. there will be a lot of delays and their probable never be speedier executions. >>we will try to remember this. if >>it is now 8:19 a.m.. >>we have been tracking hot spots and we have seen big improvements. the ride to the dumbarton bridge was brown there is an accident that did block but it has now cleared to the shoulder. there was an accident on that special this slow the traffic down and if we back the map but you could see this accident on 880. a look
8:20 am
at the bridges we have light traffic. a lot of people or get a jumpstart on a four day weekend. the san mateo bridge looks great and for the last couple of days we have been seen only 11 minutes' drive times. things seem to be returned to normal here. the golden gate bridge is still is moved commute. >>it is in a beautiful morning and we do have plenty of sunshine. the road way is dry and we did have ran earlier this morning but you will not notice that anymore. you will notice how chile is. santa roschilly condis pushed out of our area for
8:21 am
now and it is still snowing in the tahoe area. it is currently sitting off shore and will continue to rotate. expect " conditions later on today and this will persist and we do have the potential for what weather for a letter on tonight. at 6:00 p.m. it looks to be dry but will see cloudy conditions. there will be light rain for the south bay galore peninsula was still have the potential spotty showers and to the overnight hours. there are clear conditions and tomorrow night as well. we may see frost and temperatures will be below freezing. it is 55 degrees and expected for santa rosa. pleasanton is at 58 degrees and 57 is expected for san mateo. the winter adviser
8:22 am
has spent extended for the tahoe area. that may see five to 10 in. of snow. slick roads resist and they stated that the rose will be hazardous. >>if you are headed this way you should be prepared. >>it looks like it will be another round wet weather as we head into next tuesday and wednesday. >>here in the new room there i let's listen in. >>this is his moment to engage congress. earlier this week the president and i had a short conversation. it was cordial and i think
8:23 am
we both understand that tried to find a way to revert to the fiscal cliff. i am hopeful and that these conversations can begin soon so that we can force an agreement that will pass in congress. >> when the president and i have been able to come to an agreement we have not had any problems with getting anything passed in the past.
8:24 am
>>clearly the deficit down is a drag our economy and we cannot continue to spend money that we do not have. i do not one a box myself than i do not one box anybody else in appear at think it is important for us to come with an agreement with the president. if this is his opportunity to lead. and no, no you have violated the rules you are disqualified. >>it is clear that there are
8:25 am
a lot of special interest loopholes. it is also clear that they're all kinds of deductions and some of them make sense and some of them do not. by lorrie rates and clean up the taxes we know that we would get more economic growth. it will bring jobs back to america and more revenue. we also know that if we clean up the code and make it simpler than said the taxes will be more sufficient. the current code only collects about 85 percent of what is due to the government. it is clear that if you have a simpler cleaner taxes this will be effective and it will increase expo ventures. >>this was house speaker banger and they are both the negotiators to talk with the democrats and the republicans. the fiscal
8:26 am
cliff as it has been described. there stating whether or not the bushes' tax cuts should be extended. we will take a quick break and will be right back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>lookit all the trucks but are pulled off on the side of the road. this is all on 880. there is no up in the sierra. >>the winter weather advisory is still in for the
8:31 am
tahoe area. this is supposed to end at 4:00 p.m.. we see more rain and we may see a light dusting of snow. the temperatures is at 39 degrees in santa rosa. it was 34 degrees earlier it is 44 in for richmond. the bigger picture is shown on satellite. we did have heavy rain overnight and there was a thunderstorm in downtown san francisco. the roadways are dry because most of the rain has pushed its way to the south. we do have moisture sitting off shore. this will continue to rotate and it will impact the bay area. >>dry conditions are on tap for tomorrow and will see a mixture of clouds and son. we do have another round of
8:32 am
what weather coming next week. >>what has been a couple of hot spots there now slow spots now.
8:33 am
>>this line is this long periods as we walk to the beginning of the line the first person who got here was here at 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning. she is gone now and she obviously has a need. she stated that she just simply cannot afford to buy thanksgiving meals as well as voice. >>all you have to do is register one time and you put your name on the list and in no will you are and then you come back in about a week have and they will hand out the thanksgiving turkey for you to bait and altogether it will be 7000
8:34 am
meals and 16,005 latoya is that will be given out to children. let's see if we can talk to someone who is running this. >>here is lydia. i tried to talk to some of the family in line and some of them have language barriers. there are a little ashamed because they cannot speak english. >>here is lydia. how are things going? >>things seem to be roads of this move. what we are concerned rob is hoping that we have enough to gore around. we want to make sure we have been of volunteers to pass out the turkeys and toys for all of these families. >>has it been hard for you to reach out because of places 13 they have not been
8:35 am
able to donate? >>we are hearing some things like that but now is a call for the community and that's as if the community do not take care of one another than who will. >>are we in danger of running out of food and toys? >>i can't count the number turk is that we have but we expect to have at least 7000 turkeys and i have maybe 20 in the freezer right now. we need people to volunteer their time antidote's a. even if it is just a little bit of cash we can still use that to go by the turkeys. it will put the lead on our kron 4 page. >>their confidence and with
8:36 am
the help with the community that to reach this goal. >>there has been a lot of criminal activity reported in san francisco in the past month. there have been a lot of reports for weapons. lookit some of the world weapons ak-47s and mackie 11 machine guns. >>these were guns that were born to be used on the street and it could have been a number higher homicide had it not been retrieved. this will reduce a lot of violent crime. >>these were carried by people who were at the giants parade. the crackdown of the district because of a string of violence and mary. >>police in mountain view said that they plan to make more arrests because they found a lab at an apartment
8:37 am
complex. they found heroin, mess and marijuana. they also discovered that the lab was used to make the new pellucid and drug which has been grown in popularity. >>there is a new outlet mall that you can get in on. it is in livermore and it just opened yesterday. look at the crowd of people who were trying to get into the parking lot. this is video from abc seven news that we are bringing you on kron 4 because basically we have you covered all over the bay area. >>you can sibylline. this backed up traffic and they were trying to get into the small which is open again today. last turn to jackie who is live in livermore.
8:38 am
>>it this kind the close. this o shop. they have a hundred and 30 stores and everything from bloomingdale's, saks, our money. there were huge crowds and everything costs about hundred and $50 million. there ar500 the hopings that it will give this will prof jobs and is said about 2000 full-time jobs was all the stores are up and running. they said that even the seasonal jobs will gain.
8:39 am
this is the first outlet mall that has opened up in california in a long time. we talk to people yes that were out here and there were very happy. >>i was actually looking for to come out here. >>i love it. i come back here all the time. i really liked the lucky brand and i come here to buy them because they're cheaper. >>the city a livermore pitched at about $30 million for structure. they hope to get about six to $8 million in sales tax revenue. most of the first couple of days are going well. this whole mall was open to midnight today and tomorrow. >>i am all about helping the economy. >>my wife always says that i did not price i got on sale. >>exactly. i hear that all
8:40 am
the time. >>it is a 30 9:00 a.m. and will be right back.
8:41 am
8:42 am
lis t >>the dow is now up by 42. we are waiting to hear from
8:43 am
president obama to speak at 10:00 a.m.. >>other stores that we are falling nationally. next quake is being recalled due to a salmonella. the bottom of the canisters state that you have to use the by october 2014. two of the smaller ones states that the problem is due to an ingredient supplier and that the product-as there have been no reports of illnesses. >>it is cold outside this morning. let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge. san jose is only at best-
8:44 am
[ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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8:47 am
>>we have not had temperatures this low since last spring we did have heavy rain overnight and it did impact the early morning commutes. temperatures are starting to climb and we are now seeing 39 degrees for santa rosa. napa up has climbed to 42 degrees. it is 46 degrees in antioch. the rain has moved out of the bay area but we are still seeing snow. check this out. the green on the screen there will be more wet weather that will slide into the bay area. it will impact
8:48 am
us later on tonight. at 6:00 p.m. at 8:00 p.m. there will be light rain for the south bay. again it is light so we still have the possibility of what weather for the overnight hours. it will start to diminish and the colts. frost is a concern for the north bay area. because of the poor visibility we do have delays at the airport. hopefully this will start to clear a for the afternoon. there's no problem in saeveryone '50s for the afternoon. mid- 50s for downtown san francisco and daly city. 58
8:49 am
degrees is expected for pleasanton. for those of you going to the cal game tomorrow the kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. and that will be playing a against oregon. this will be a chilly one a you should certainly bundle up. >>into the weekend it shows that it will be dry and sunny for sunday and monday. there's a 30 percent chance of rain for monday night into tuesday and wednesday. thursday will be dry but cloudy. it looks like there will be heavy rain as we head into next weekend. we will continue to monitor this for you. >>it is slowing a gan and this is a new incident. this is a another stalled car.
8:50 am
this is the third incident this morning. traffic around the bay is still looking at a heavy ride on 880 north of. we are still recovering from the approach to the dumbarton bridge. traffic is still heavy as usual. looking at the bridges there are great conditions. the bay bridge was bwe may have seeo the 20 minute drive time that have became the norm for the past month. the golden gate bridge is still light but in the north bound direction is a little heavy. >>it is a 50 a.m. in our developing story that we're talking about is hurricane
8:51 am
sandy. thousands of people are still without power. gasoline is in short supply as well. it >>gasoline rationing begins for motorists in new york. new york mayor michael bloomberg said the this mold is the ease the fuel crunch. >>the best way we can cut down on the lines. we want to reduce the potential for disorder. we wanted it to the days when people can purchase gas. >>new jersey gov. chris christie stated that it could've been much worse. >>this is always helpful because it wasn't rain and it helped on the flooding side. the wind's were not as severe as they have predicted. >>the red cross travel to
8:52 am
the northeast to help storm victims. this is their way of giving back. >>we talked to residents and their very thankful that we were able to come and help them. we turned around and told them thank-you because they have can help us as well. we just tell them to hang in there and that it will get better in just a matter times. >>there are still 650,000 customers were still in the dark. >>the store that we are following is seven members of the navy seal team and one involved in the mission to kill--they let go affirmation that they should have not done. they provided information to a video game maker and is reportedly happened while their work and as paid consultants for a new game. the navy issued
8:53 am
a statement as stated that they do not tolerate deviations. we're not supposed to tell what we do. >>two jets fired on--the u.s. air force said that he was unarmed but it raised concerns from the obama administration. the administration did now one a lot release details but they stated that it did happen. >>it is a 50 3:00 a.m. and will be right back in a few minutes.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>we are bouncing back in
8:57 am
the dow is now up by 41. they have came up since president obama has been redirected elected. they were worried. with that the bleeding has stopped for now. do not forget that president obama will be issuing a statement coming up at 10:00 a.m.. we will go live a 10 05 a.m.. >>we're watching bay area weather and will be chilly this weekend. below is down to about 40 sprit will be right back into minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
the morning this is a gorgeous look in san francisco. do not let the sun is guys for you. it is cold outside in certain areas are just a 40 degrees. >>let's take a live look at the bridge. traffic is light and it is cold. >>it has in every wa let's takeo some of the temperatures. it is still very chilly in nevada. it is upper 40's for the east bay shore. as we take a live look as satellite and radar the system that brought showers has now been pushed to the west. we do have more showers headed. win and where we continue. >>we continue to monitor the
9:01 am
ride on highway 880 in the northbound direction. conditions have been slow for some time but as the technicals look we have had several incidents in the northbound direction. we picked up a new stock all on test. it is jammed from the coliseum as you head north to downtown. we're also getting that there may be delays with the walnut creek interchange. >>and our team coverage of the weather. >>it is tough to tell just by looking at the spring but ask anyone out there in concord that would tell you that is much colder than has been in recent weeks. the good news is that the sun is out and the rain has stopped. the rain and storms
9:02 am
that hit the bay area left us with a cold and damp start to our morning. a lot of people have been wearing jackets and sweatshirt's. >>it came on a rather quickly. a use which takes a little longer to get cold. it is not done seasonably around here but it is starting to get cold quick. >>will find out just how cold it will get picke due do to snow coming. if you are just running out of the house this morning you might want to grab a jacket if you plan on ben outside. it is certainly helping if you get to work get a nice warm
9:03 am
studio. >>at least you're not jackie next time if we have some top a fierce storm you will be out there. >>hundreds of people have been in the cold for a chance to get a holiday meals and christmas toys. the > >>it is very busy. you can see the long lines and one person was here from yesterday waiting. her weight is over and has been very slow. even they were surprised by how many people who showed up. two were here several months ago when they were passing out backpacks for children. they stated that by the time this is over with they will probably triple that number. these are volunteers that are coming out why down the line getting people's names.
9:04 am
>>you would not be able to pick up your items until next week. anyone under 80 years ago will get a torque. they will give each child 3 toys. >>we're very busy trying to keep with all the people who have been waiting so patiently. >>do you think that you will have more people? >>definitely. the need is great and people know that we offer food and toys. they're coming in because they need help for the holidays. >>i am collecting the santa clara county collection car. if they have this registered inmates everything go much faster. if they have children we do need identification that their children were born jan
9:05 am
refers 1995 or later. that cannot be over 18 years of age. >>this block to the end of the line is just showing you. some of the people are ashamed to talk to us because they did not think that would be back here because the need is so great. this goes from one corner to the next corner to all the way down here. it taught me about a minute have to walk up this line. they're young kids in line with their parents. you are a parent and i am a parent and we would do anything that we can for our children. >>it would be a shame for them to look their children in the face at christmas time and not have a toy for them. >>st. thomas more school and san jose is closed after an early-morning fire. the fire did a little bit of damage.
9:06 am
all of these books and other school items were damaged. they have canceled school there today as they try to fix the damage from the fire. >>watching wall street the dow jones is up 55 points now. they were off 313 points. they're standing at 12,867. a bat hit for grew upothey were a $20 stock when they went public. i s do not know-- >>it is now nine 06 a.m.. we're talking about the cold
9:07 am
in the bay area. this is a live shot at east 80. we in the bay area. this is a live shot at east 80. we will b there is no more heartbreaking a sight than the sad. the exposed. the public testament to unrealized potential in such epic proportion. conversely, there is nothing more glorious... than the last minute comeback.
9:08 am
9:09 am
the story we had earlier this morning live a massive fire in burbank was just south of the bob hope airport. this was a huge cigarette warehouse that went up in flames. it was a three alarm fire and the roof collapsed in the building. the firefighters
9:10 am
stayed upside because the owner said there were co2 canisters inside and their concern and go off like missiles and the fire. it completely destroyed the place the roof collapsed and no firefighters were injured. they're still trying to cause, find the cause of the fire. >> chrysler is recalling vehicles because the air bag can inflate while people are driving. the recall of facts group didn't stand kerki and keep liberties 2002 and 2003 models. -- jeep grand cherokees they can inflate while the vehicle is in motion. the company will start notifying customers of the recall in january. >> the head of european budget airlines insist that seat belts on airplanes do not save lives. they say forcing passengers to wear seat belts as are necessary.
9:11 am
they're attempting to create standing-room-only cabins for students and travelers. it will be about a $60 you ask for travelers. -- $1.60 a >> here is a live look from sam francisco we will be back in a moment there are hundreds of ways people use
9:12 am
9:13 am
lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook. and not more snow in the sierra.
9:14 am
>> once you get their you can go to live on the phone and a john slaughter to talk about that. you're making additional snow yes? >> yes we're getting more snow than the expected 12 to 14 in.. we started it started making snow about 9:00 yesterday. >> the plan that is when can use cam board and what are you charging? >> we are not open yet we're setting aside for tomorrow but we have not made an official call yet. we'll have breakfast and make an assessment as to what we think conditions are. it is about 99% looking like we will open on saturday. we will keep you posted as soon as we know. >> we will find out in keep
9:15 am
posted there? >> yes we will post photos and let everyone know prices and everything like that. the storm is really nice and will set up veteran's day perfectly. >> you may have the day off >> it looks great up theire >> it is very cold is been a chilly start. it is beautiful out there with very few clouds and plenty of sunshine. we expect another round of spotty showers as we head into the evening. it looks like we will see a decrease in the cloud cover. the temperature is it is warming up with everybody in the thirties or low '40's. 44 in napa low fifties for east asia or
9:16 am
upper 50s for the east shore. we do have some more rain headed our way. it looks like about 6:00 it will be sitting on shore and pushed into the south bay around 8:00 this evening. expect a cloudy day was cool temperatures into the overnight hours will up a bit. y conditions as we head into the weekend. afternoon highs will be pretty chilly today. mixed bag of mid '50s and upper 50s for the north bay 54 in richmond only getting to about 56 degrees for san jose. those of you have to the cal game tomorrow kickoff is at 730 p m with clear but chilly conditions. temperatures ranging in the upper forties to low 50s. 7 day around the bay that shows it will continue to see chilly conditions into the weekend with the upper 50s and lower in the spots.
9:17 am
mid-50s are expected for the coast and it looks like we do have another round of showers had our way by about tuesday. it is now 916 a and let's get a look at your traffic would george >> the nimitz freeway northbound or the last problem was of this evil vehicle at embarcadero fifth blocking the right hand lane traffic is still behind schedule at the 238 interchange. drive times have dropped by a minute or two but nearly 40 minutes out of san leandro into downtown oakland. otherwise the bay area has not had a rough ride this morning. let unusual traffic. the bay bridge has no back up here from the last hour and 45 minutes. the san mateo bridge had a brief slowdown with an accident reported there but the drive times never went above 12 minutes. that is a very normal ride. good news here. the golden gate bridge there was a little flesh of traffic about 20 minutes ago but right now looks pretty good.
9:18 am
it is typical for a friday with a little more traffic and the two northbound lanes. >> police and on view are expecting to make more arrests after finding a drug lab in two apartment complexes. the los gatos like team and other agencies found heroin math and marijuana and apartments on bush street near castro street. they discover the first lab in the bay area and need used to make the new hallucinogenic drugdmt which has been growing in popularity. a narcotics team seized 500 lbs. of pot and detained six people. one person was arrested for outstanding warrants and two others were arrested for the sale and distribution of narcotics. >> investigators want to look at this composite sketch of a man who tried to kidnap a 14 year-old girl in oakland. he walked up to the drop from behind on monday afternoon while walking on the 1400 block of 103rd
9:19 am
avenue oakland. the girl tells police he grabbed her and tried to pull her into a truck that was waiting. she struggled and got away. >> here is the suspect is described by are 14 year-old victim. there's a white male he is tall, san and has banda hear about shoulder length. wearing a baseball hat. >> police do not have a sketch of the driver of a truck but they describe him as a white man in his mid to late 20s tall, san what i hundred and 4,250 lbs. with short brown spiky hair. they're driving a late model dodge ram pickup truck. >> they're looking for 2 men who kidnapped a woman wednesday night around 7:30 p.m. as she was leaving her job in the shade land business and walnut creek. they attacked her as she walked to her car in the parking lot.
9:20 am
>> they accosted her and forced her into our own vehicle. they put a blindfold on her and tied her feet in her hands. they drove around for what we think is several hours attempted to obtain money from her bank account. >> police believe they stopped at eight different atm before they let her go and oakland hills. someone found her in the area and called 911. she was treated for minor injuries at the local hospital. >> we will be back in a couple of minutes.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> 401k balances are hitting record highs as employees are stashing away bigger shares of their salaries. the average 401k >> average climbed to $75,000 according to fidelity investments. this
9:24 am
is the highest level that the firm has seen it since it has started collecting its data 12 years ago. the increase is a combination of games in the stock market employee contributions and increased employer matching funds. >> new fees will be considered for so-called super seniors. they have enough credits to graduate but continue class's. they will be charged for out of state residents for every year they continue after they should graduate. administrators say the plan is not so much about generating money as it is streamlining the system to improve access to classes for students. the passage of proposition 38 has made sense for usc berkeley won more than the status quo. their rallying on campus yesterday calling for a decrease in tuition and a rollback in budget cuts. prop 30 increases
9:25 am
funding for public education by about $8 billion. >> young people are up more likely to knock off behind the wheel than any other age group. --knodd young people between the ages of 16 and 24 dozed off while driving last year. one and 10 drivers over the age of 24 fell asleep at the wheel. one in every six democrats is involved a drowsy drivers. >> as that of waking up early on black friday to go shopping on thanksgiving day at wal-mart. >> forget black friday this is a new trend. wal-mart announced it will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day offering deals to entice early shoppers. this is the setting in a row that wal-mart has open on thanksgiving night. it is opening two hours earlier this year. sears and kmart
9:26 am
also open the announced they will open on thanksgiving. wal-mart said is responding to what consumers want. retailers keep reciting to customers to say they want to have their charity go shopping in get to bed at a reasonable hour all in the same day. the number of people and hitting the stores on thanksgiving day has soared over three years. it is more than 24% from last year. they will not be alone. customers are getting an early shot start on a shopping this year. 80 percent of people say they will start their shopping before december. 12 percent began before september. retailers have to be ready for the influx. christmas shopping season is the most critical time of year for them no matter how long that season lasts. >> it is 9:26 a.m. and we'll be back in a couple of minutes. let's take a look at this called friday
9:27 am
morning at the beautiful golden gate bridge were traffic is nice and light. trait just feels very cold out there. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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9:29 am
and the allied look at kindle and you can see that this is eastbound 80 and the side of the road does not look that bad. >> we will check with chp officer about conditions in the area. >> our the chain requirements are they still in effect this morning? >> we do have them and the fact they are to the trucking and they're doing an awesome job this morning getting everything running smoothly. >> i was just in getting new tires. is that something that you should
9:30 am
do? >> this is always a good time of year again as our role about four-wheel-drive >> if you have for will drive you are required to carry chains but you only have to have mud and snow tires to proceed. there marked m + f on the side of the tires and your good to go. >> d.c. snow blowing around really sticking? >> is no stuck right last night we got a foot plus. things look great and and looking and norstar right now have the guns firing and everyone is exciting for the season. >> thank you for joining us and telling us about the chain requirements. all the trucks are pulled over to the side. >> you can add the time to your drive. >> around the bay area we
9:31 am
are still looking at better than usual conditions. this being the friday before a three day weekend some people stretching it and so forth. we have delays at the 80 northbound and has been a hot spot this morning. conditions are much improving at 29 minutes in just the last we say 10 minutes off in just the last 15 minutes. big better drive times northbound. quick breads jack as the light is bent at the bay bridge the better part of the morning. the san mateo bridge did not see double-digit drive times in the last three days. the ride to the golden gate bridge is still a little heavy in both directions but no delays on the span or along the presidio parkway. >> is a view from our roof cam of beautiful star to the morning with some patchy clouds cover. it is a little cool start to the morning as well. slowly warming low
9:32 am
40's to mid 40's and napa low fifties in the south bay. satellite and radar shows us that we have more showers on the way. i'll tell you where and when we look and expected in my next forecast. >> hundreds of south bay families right now out in the cold. they're lined up to get a holiday meals and christmas toys. this will tran is at sacred heart community service take a look. >> the need is overwhelming. how long is this line? it stretches all the way down on reagan continues to grow. at least 400 families at sacred heart community service as early as 11:00 yesterday morning. they're here because they need to get some food for their families. altogether they will be about 7000 meals for
9:33 am
thanksgiving as well as christmas. we will continue to walk towards the beginning of the line. if you have any children under 18 years old this place will give out per child three toy's. they say they need is overwhelming that they reach out to the community trying to get donations. fifth you want to come out and continue to donate they will accept donations from the public. these people here they just put their names on a clipboard and sign up and come back in about a week or week and a half later to get their thanksgiving meal as well as christmas. it is hard work. they earn as for their family because overnight it was very cold. they said was something they had to deal. we talk to one person is and there she was here in three years ago and was hoping she would not need to come back. from sure enough because it's so hard with this economy she and
9:34 am
many others are in line. >> the criminal activity in san the cisco over the last month for the arrests were made for weapons violations and dozens of fire arms. an ak-47 along with a hundred round and round magazine for a mac 11 submachine gun. >> these are guns that would be used on the street and could potentially lead to higher increase in homicide. because the officers were able to have. apprehend suspects in take these guns off of the street it will reduce the crime in our city. >> some of the guns were carried by people at the giants parade. most of the guns were, confiscated from the mission district because of the violence in that area. >> there is a new place to shop. take a look of the lines of traffic and the parking lot past there yesterday. the new outlet
9:35 am
opened in livermore to huge crowds. it stretched all the way back and backing up the highway 4 mi.. we can show this to use the of no need to go anywhere else. we have team coverage all over the bay to show you just alliance and everything else that is coming with this grand opening. all angles of this are you get a deal in more places to shop. it also means money and jobs to the area. jackie sissel is alive and livermore this morning. it looks like the shoppers are out again. >> this is a line for starbucks. everyone is getting fuelled up before they go out to get the bargains you're talking about. there are a hundred and 30 stores at the paragon outlet and livermore. there are huge and they used like saks fifth avenue bloomingdale's in our money.
9:36 am
there were huge crowds out here trying to get those bargains like has said on hundred and 30 stores. this project cost $130,000,000.140 3,000 ft. of retail therapy for those folks out there. not only are you getting a bargain but you are also providing jobs about 2000 full-time jobs will be added here in livermore and tri-city area. also they are hoping that had a lot of seasonal jobs. we had a chance to talk to people yesterday and this is what they have to say about the new stores. >> my daughters are looking forward to coming to the mall and have to come back with them now. >> i love that i come back all the time with my friends. >> i will come back to by my lucky brand jeans instead of going to be regular store. >> the city of london are pitched and $30 million in
9:37 am
infrastructure support. they hope to get about $68 million back in a sales tax revenue back. --6 - 8 >> this will be a big destination for a lot of people holiday shopping. >> we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. they we have clear sk good morning! wow.
9:38 am
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>> leslie is recalling more than 2000 canisters of next quick because of possible salmonella contamination. the bottle the bottom of the canister was a best used by october 2014. there's also a promotion for the disney promotion reckitt ralph. no
9:41 am
illnesses have been reported. in a live look outside what a beautiful day in san francisco. rabbi jack it though is chilly out there. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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[ male announcer ] at&t u-verse. it's tv like you've never seen before. ♪ >> founder some ad tech out the snow. it is fleshy out there -- slushy >> take a look outside better view from our mt. tam cam. is a beautiful start to the morning with fluffy clouds but we do have more rain headed our way. tomorrow will be cloudy and cool and we have another chance of showers into the work week. current conditions are slowly warming ups santa rosa is only 43 degrees. low 50s and the south bay right now. satellite and radar shows do
9:45 am
showers a pastor yesterday and we have more showers headed our way into the evening hours. future cast for is that for 6:00 this evening and you can see pushing in from the south way and cloudy evening. things will taper off a clearing to the overnight hours and by about 2:00 a.m. clear scky and drying conditions. 57 in expected in sunnyvale. for the bears game tomorrow the kick off the 730 p m another: with temperatures ranging in the upper forties to low 50s. we'll continue sequel conditions into the weekend and only get up into the lower '50s high 60s with another chance of showers kicking and on tuesday.
9:46 am
>> the nimitz have been quite hot spot this morning and things are finally returning to normal. normal today means a little lighter than normal as many people appears and are take in the friday before the three day weekend as part of the holiday. 23 minutes is the drive time down from a high of 39 minutes. we no longer have traffic backed up all the way to 238. a great indication of looking at the bridges tall like the traffic is in the bay area this morning. no back up here at the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge shows nothing over a 12 minute drive time. there're so traffic for a little bit because of a minor accident. the golden gate bridge choses moving pretty well. no backups and i did the south or northbound directions. >> is 9:46 a.m. and
9:47 am
hurricane sandy and a powerful winter storm adding to the devastation in the northeast. there are still thousands of people without power this morning. gas is also in short supply >> gasoline rationing in begins today in newark city and long island. people spend hours and hours in line waiting to gas up. mayor michael blumberg says it is designed to ease up the fuel crunch because the shares could last a few more weeks. >> the best way to cut down the lines in people buy gas faster is to help pay station state open longer and reduce the potential for this order. >> people are still reeling from sandy. the governor chris christie says things could be much worse. >> police not the snow was helpful because it was not rain. it helped on the flooding side. the winds were not as severe as they
9:48 am
predicted. >> red cross and volunteers traveled from southeast louisiana to the north east to help storm victims. >> we talk to them and first of all they are very thankful. they say thank you for coming so far to help us. we turn around and say thank you for coming to help us when we needed you. we say just hang in there it will get better is just a matter of time. >> it will take time for utility crews that restore electricity to the more than 50,000 customers who are in the dark. >> seven members of the and it navy seal team 6 have been publicly punish for the scrap classified it -- disclosing classified information. this reportedly happened while they were working as paid consultants or a video game called medal of honor war fighters. they
9:49 am
issued a statement saying we do not tolerate deviation from a policy that decide to we are. we are sailors and the united states navy. four other seals are also under investigation. to an iranian fighter jets fired on a u.s. drove in the persian gulf last week. it was on a farm and in international airspace performing surveillance. the drum was not the hat but it expresses concern for the obama administration. they did not release details of the incident but senior officials did confirm that it happened. >> the man who killed six people and injured 13 more in a shooting rampage in tucson is now sentenced to life in prison and without parole. a judge gave jerry loss merck's seven consecutive life terms plus 140 years and life. gabby
9:50 am
gifford representative was wounded and was one of the 13th and that 2011 attack. her husband spoke out. >> it was a tough long day and the court room. it was something that we have known we were going to go for probably over a month now. it has been tough leading up to this day and it is nice to have it behind us. >> he got that sentence because he pleaded guilty in exchange for a life sentence instead of the death penalty. >> a live look at looks like an jeep possibly being pursued by police. we will check again as we get more information about this car chase and southern california. we will be back on the kron4 news continues. a live look and lots of sunshine starting to break out out
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
(male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... you know if the world and it right this second there'd be someone that would miss it. this man is a prime example. walking across market street eyes focused on his farm. he stops right in front of me again and never once to check his surroundings. in fact no matter where i stand he is completely oblivious that i'm watching him. i finally give up and never told him i was there. people have become so caught up in their electronic devices they made it easier for the crux. look at it this way i'm watching this man on his phone what he is wearing ear buds. he has no clue i am here. a bad guy could be doing the same thing except
9:55 am
that a bad guy or girl will simply jackie for your found. it happens every day. neither one looks up there too engrossed in their phones. let's get closer and they still have not noticed i'm watching them. let stand right in their line of sight. they still do not notice me. i wonder what is on their funds. >> the just out of curiosity what is on your phone? >> a schedule >> i told them that they i was watching them for three minutes. a lot of people never noticed that they were being watched. for the record i was not hiding i was in plain view. this guy was my favorite, he never saw me even though i walk with i watched him for more than a full minute. we even crossed the street together and he still never saw me. somehow we have allowed electronic devices to take
9:56 am
over our world. that is not by any means a good thing. >> if you have a comment our story idea for stanley you can e-mail him directly at people behaving directly at kron4 dot com. >> we thought this was the high five of their actions on highway 14 northbound. they say it is in connection with a bank robbery that happened in santa clarita. the have anything to say on the play-by-play as far as how this car is traveling? it looks like a chevy suburban but we do not know how many people are inside. there is dark window tinting and there is no one on the rat road right now >> sometimes when these
9:57 am
cases are going on they will block the entrances to the freeway to keep people from going on. the chopper is staying on this car and i guess they will let him keep going until he runs out of gas. >> unfortunately they will crash and we will see if they can get an arrest here. >> we will give you more formation as we get it on kron4. 10 years after the first competition the bay area red bull flu todd will return. 33 teams will launch there's human powered flying machines and plunge into the water. celebrity judges will be deciding the winner. it will be tomorrow at the cavaco tomorrow at 11. >> it looks like a fancy version of a paper airplane.
9:58 am
we will be back in just a couple of minutes. were staying on the air? >> yes we are waiting for the president we will be back in just a few minutes.
9:59 am

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